Anita Nordum

Nov 24, 2021


Photobiomodulation has been shown to improve functional outcome after surgical intervention to repair injured nerves. LED irradiation at 810 nm accelerated functional recovery and improved the quality of nerve regeneration after autograft repair of severely injured peripheral nerves.


And you don’t need to use a lot of time to get effect, most clients do 3-5 times per week until their goals are met, then reduce to 1-2 times per week for maintenance. For athletes with a rigorous workload, 3-5 times per week is recommended for optimal recovery

Photobiomodulation (PBM) or light therapy is a treatment which uses precise wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to help the body heal.
Photizo By Caball provides a therapeutic dose of light in seconds from the comfort of your house.   Because PBM acts on the individual cells of your body, we see broad-spectrum benefits, and it helps people with a wide variety of diagnostics.
PMB is non-toxic, non-invasive and has no side effects, so it is a great option for people seeking a natural solution for healing.
Without further ado, these are just a few of the ways PBM by Photizo By Caball does good for the body!

1.     Decreased inflammation
PBM helps your cells remove the "pollution" that accumulates by dealing with environmental, physical, and emotional stressors. It's like a team of garbage trucks in your cells, leaving you with a clean landscape so the tissues breathe easily.

2.     Less pain
Photizo PBM's red and near-infrared light provides short-term pain relief, and long-term changes are experienced when anti-inflammatory effects appear.

3.     More Energy- ATP
Without oxygen, organisms are only able to divide glucose into two pyruvate molecules. That releases just enough energy to produce two ATP molecules. With oxygen, organisms can decompose glucose to the point of carbon dioxide. This releases sufficient energy to generate up to 38 ATP molecules.
 A tank full of ATPs means more energy at your fingertips for training, power and life!

4.     Better sleep
Many clients with poor sleep patterns have observed an improvement in rest with PBM. They frequently report feeling less fatigued, and show longer periods of deep sleep.

5.     Improved Circulation
Remember that garbage truck analogy? Well, the cellular waste removal process causes increased blood flow. Clients often experience a tingling and redness sensation after treatment, which promotes circulation.

6.      Faster recuperation, faster healing.
The same processes that give more energy, enhance circulation and reduce inflammation also provide the optimal environment for cells to repair and repeat themselves. PBM releases your body's ability to heal itself, and it means less recovery time after workouts, better recovery after a hard workout, and faster recovery after an injury.

7.    Improve pain management, reduce stress.
We find that when people have less pain, they have a better daily life, which promotes a better quality of life with less stress and a lower the cortisol level.
 This process includes mitochondrial absorption, vasodilatation, stimulation of cellular division.

8.   Improvement of the symptoms.
Individuals with complex diagnoses such as fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases often find it difficult to find the right combination of effective treatments and tolerable side effects. Photizo By Caball is non-toxic, has no side effects and can relieve many symptoms associated with autoimmune illnesses. )

    9.     Gorgeous healthy  Skin
Helping our customers to have better, healthier and more functional skin has always been a priority for us Caball Therpay Systems. We  help clients get healthy on the inside, but the visible results happen on the outside!

PBM has been clinically proven to improve skin texture and tone, and customers globally report smoother skin after multiple treatments.

Fine lines and stretch marks will begin to reshape, but the dramatic effect can be seen with scarring. 

 10.    Better recovery of diabetic ulcers and chronic wounds.
Photobiomodulation (PBM), which is the non-invasive application of light at specific wavelengths, has been demonstrated to accelerate the healing of chronic wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers (DFIs). PBM causes photophysical and photochemical changes inside the cells without causing thermal damage.

This is our Top Ten Reasons to try out PBM by Caball Therpy Systems.
You'll find more information on our webpage, or call us to discuss how PBM can help you improve your everyday life

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