PhotoBioModulation- has been scientifically proven.

Anita Nordum

Nov 17, 2021

Light Therapy Triggers Given Cell Activity.

Over the past decade, the focus and information on using light to improve daily health, reduce pain and help wounds heal faster has almost exploded. 

Previously, there were almost impossible to find exciting articles and studies about this form of treatment. We can read about how people used light as a treatment form, all the way back to 1500 BC. 

But for decades, academics, doctors, veterinarians and researchers have only looked a little skewed at this form of treatment, concluding that it is impossible to have any effect.
Fortunately, they have made sense and we now see dozens of articles published each month, and several new studies showing interest and very positive results.

Since 2012, Caball Therapy System has been a supplier of medical and therapeutic systems for humans and animals. One of the products we had great success with is our Photizo Vetcare.

Researchers from around the world have now confirmed that using PhotizoBioModulation (PBM) triggers given cell activity. PBM is the newly established (2016) Medical Science Heading (MeSH keyword), which is used by the National Institute of Health's published research database to describe this new science. "PHOTO" means light. "BIO" means living tissue. "MODULATION" means change. PBM initiates the photobiomodulation process, which releases nitric oxide - stimulates ATP production, and improves both the blood vessels and the lymphatic system up to 50%.

This mechanism of action is a photochemical response, not a heat / thermal response, therefore the tissue is protected against thermal damage, making Phiotizo from Caball Therapy systems both safe and effective. PhotoBioModulation (PBM) is commonly known as cold laser or low-level laser therapy (LLLT), becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of horses [See Appendix 1-2].
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General practitioners and veterinarians use lasers and LEDs for several purposes, including wound healing, pain treatment, prophylactic care as well as improvements in sports performance in both horses and dogs.

PhotizoBioModulation (PBM) using superpulse lasers is non-thermal due to the pulse durations of the nanoseconds used, while the continuous beam administered by traditional class 3 lasers has shown signs of heating due to their high energy output power.

Photizo Vetcare is a photobiomodulation device that works on red and near infrared wavelengths, carefully composed of efficient frequencies and strength for the treatment of animals.

Photizo by Caball Therapy products provide POLYCHROMATIC therapy. "POLY" means more than one and "CHROMATIC" means color. Each light color wavelength has a different penetration depth when applied to the tissue.

Super Pulse technology rotates light frequencies through several settings, providing optimal processing and depth.

Anita Nordum

Caball Therapy Systems  
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